Canada's Single-Use Plastics Ban

a person holding a sign

As many Canadians know we will be adopting a ban on many single-use plastics by 2021. This may include bags, straws, cutlery, stirring sticks and more. The government hopes this will help solve the plastic pollution problem facing the world.

Here are the facts:

  • 15 billion plastic bags are used in Canada each year.
  • 57 million plastic straws are used in Canada every day.
  • Only 10% of plastic waste gets recycled in Canada.
  • Canadians toss 3 million tons of plastic every year.
Be prepared and make the change to Reuse or Refuse! How do you do this? If you can go without a straw, great! If not, have a steel or silicone one with you so you are not using plastic ones that get thrown away. Carry refillable water bottles and coffee cups with you so you can refill instead of buying disposable. Take your shopping and produce bags with you when you go to the stores instead of using the plastic ones provided. There are many ways we can make small changes in our lives that will impact our planet and our future.

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