5 Must-Have Reusable Products

As a society, we need to reduce the amount of waste we create every day of our lives. At KOPA,  we offer reusable products to help you eliminate one of the biggest sources of waste in society: non-recyclable disposables. Below are 5 must-have reusable products that you can buy in our online store right now. 

1.   Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer sheets are a huge source of household waste. We go through hundreds every year because individual dryer sheets cannot be reused. Not only that, but dryer sheets are full of chemicals which can be harmful to sensitive skin. There has to be a better, safer, more eco-friendly way to dry our clothes and get rid of static quickly.

Fortunately there is a way, and it's using wool dryer balls. Our 6-pc set of cotton dryer balls is 100% free of chemicals and will last you 2-5 years. When you use these handy little products, you will reduce waste even as your clothes dry faster and come out of the machine less staticky. 


2.   Reusable “Cotton” Swab With Case

It’s impossible to count the amount of cotton swabs we throw away on the daily. We use them once, and then that’s it: there’s no way to clean them, no way to reuse them without spreading gunk and germs everywhere. We’re forced to throw them all away, creating a ton of waste that we don’t even think about because we take it for granted that there’s not an alternative, reusable product to disposable cotton swabs.

Meet the alternative: our reusable “cotton” swab. Instead of cotton, the tip is made of silicone which can be quickly and easily cleaned after each use. Our product comes with two swabs and a case to keep them in so you don’t lose them.


3.   Cloth Menstrual Pads

A huge source of non-biodegradable waste is paper menstrual pads. There's no reusing those; once they're dirty, they're trash bound. 

Not so for our cloth menstrual pads, which are made of bamboo charcoal fibre with waterproof PLU on the backs (they also come in a variety of fun colors). Using them is simple: just snap a pad onto your underwear, and when it gets dirty and you're ready to change, you just unsnap it and throw it in the wash. Boom, done. As well as being comfortable, breathable, and user friendly, they're also a quick and easy way for you to reduce your environmental footprint.


4.   Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw

We use straws constantly to sip our drinks, but what we don’t do is think about how all those straws pile up into huge amounts of waste.

The best solution to keep you sipping ethically and without producing much waste is to purchase our telescopic stainless steel straw. It comes with a carabiner so you can easily carry it around in your purse or pocket, and also a tiny brush so you can clean the inside of it after each use.


5.   Reusable Food Storage Bags

Think about how many plastic food storage bags come in the boxes you buy from the store. They contain anywhere from 25 to 100 bags, each one of which can only be used one time. It’s a huge waste of plastic and adds unnecessary, toxic waste to the landfill that’s probably not going to get recycled.

These reusable food storage bags will solve your problem of how to store leftovers and to-go lunches. They’re made of PEVA and free of BPA, PVC, lead, and chlorine, so they’re safe to keep your food in for long periods of time.


Switch to reusable products and save your budget, your health, and your planet.

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