25pc Bulk Straight Stainless Steel Straw Set - Reusable Straws

25pc Bulk Straight Stainless Steel Straw Set

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Our bulk straight stainless steel straw pack is perfect to use when you are hosting a party at your home or just for everyday use. You are sure to enjoy having a set of these 20 straight stainless steel straws. Our lovely stainless steel straw set includes a bamboo carry case, cleaning brushes so that you can get into all those nooks and crannies, plus 4 BONUS silicone tips, and a bag to carry everything in. Use our stainless steel straws instead of all those plastic straws that harm our environment. This is perfect for you to use whenever you are travelling with your friends or family. You are sure to enjoy this beautiful and eco-friendly stainless steel set. Get one of these 20 pack stainless steel straw sets today.


  • 20X 22cm(8.5") Straight Straw
  • 3X Cleaning Brush
  • 1X Bamboo Storage Tube
  • 1X Cotton Bag

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